Esbjerg surgeons at the forefront of new 3D-simulated operations

Virtual Surgical Planning May 12, 2019

In June 2018, a 3D department was established at Sydvestjysk Sygehus following a successful collaboration between the hospital and Aalborg University (AAU).

3D engineer Michael Holte heads the department, which focuses on jaw surgery and 3D technology. Holte was an associate professor and section leader for Media Technology at AAU Esbjerg, i.a. specializing in digital automatic image analysis. Holte says he experienced a "revelation" by using 3D scanning, image analysis and printing at the hospital.

Here is the CT scan, which is processed in computers with artificial intelligence before the finished guide - a special intraoral support template - is printed on a 3D printer and used for placement and fixation - here for advancement of a lower jaw.

Today, he uses his knowledge when performing CT scans of a patient's face in high resolution in 30 seconds. He is working on new, groundbreaking 3D-simulated operations.

Esbjerg-kirurger i front med nye 3D-simulerede operationer
Kæbekirurgisk Afdeling på Sydvestjysk Sygehus har gennem et år opbygget et 3D-laboratorium som det første i Danmark. 3D-billeder og -modeller bruges sammen med printede skinner og guides til at bore og save efter for at sikre bedre og mere fejlfri operationer. På sigt vil patienterne kunne se deres…
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Henrik Sæderup

Engineer at 3D Lab Denmark, currently working with Virtual Surgical Planning and soft tissue prediction research.