Stratasys Case Study: A 3D print is worth a thousand pictures

3D Prints Jun 2, 2022

Stratasys recently published an article on how we use their J5 MediJet PolyJet 3D printer here at 3D Lab Denmark. In the article, there is some backstory on how the lab got to be what it is nowadays and a brief look into the future. There is even a fine picture of all the smiling engineers at the bottom of the article.
Take a look here:

J5 MediJet gives University Hospital of Southern Denmark, Esbjerg new pathway to improve presurgical planning and research
J5 MediJet is the most efficient workflow for printing surgical guides
Link to article on Stratasys website


Henrik Sæderup

Engineer at 3D Lab Denmark, currently working with Virtual Surgical Planning and soft tissue prediction research.