Meet 3D Lab Denmark at The Danish Science Festival

Research Apr 23, 2019

Patients passing through the lobby of Sydvestjysk Sygehus on Tuesday 23 April discovered exciting research from all over the hospital

Research Day filled the lobby with both piano music and the sum of lots of conversations about research: One one side, one could hear explanations of how it affects liver biopsies that the liver is right next to organs used for breathing.

One the other side, one could hear about the project, which is to investigate whether older people want to be asked if they want resuscitation after cardiac arrest - and how the wishes of some people change over time.

But straight ahead, one could enjoy visualizations from the new 3D laboratory and hear about how the new equipment at 3D Labcan not only be used to analyse the impact of operations on volume for respiration, but also calculate airflows. And much much more.

Airway simulation before and after an operation

The nine stands in the foyer were complemented by eight short, academic presentations.

Forskningens D�gn indtog forhallen
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Henrik Sæderup

Engineer at 3D Lab Denmark, currently working with Virtual Surgical Planning and soft tissue prediction research.