Virtual Planning in Maxillofacial Surgery

Virtual Surgical Planning May 11, 2021

Authors: Thorn JJ, Holte MB, Nørholt SE & Kofod T

In: Tandlaegebladet 2021; 125(8): 742-744

Link: Tandlaegebladet


Virtual planning procedures are used routinely in all Departments of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Denmark. The possibilities of virtual planning are exploited within corrective surgery of dentofacial and craniofacial deformities, in traumatology, and in ablation of benign and malignant tumors and subsequent reconstruction. Specialized engineers usually handle the techniques, either in house or through commercially available systems that can facilitate the virtual planning and potential use of patient specific guides or implants. It is envisaged that all major hospitals in the near future will establish units to perform these functions with close interdisciplinary collaboration with engineers. This would be not just for virtual planning within the maxillofacial specialty, but within all cutting specialties where surgical simulation and use of patient-specific implants are relevant. Maxillofacial surgery is considered to be pioneering in this context.

Title (Danish)

Virtuel Planlægning af Maxillofacial Kirurgi

Abstract (Danish)

Virtuel behandlingsplanlægning anvendes på alle kæbekirurgiske afdelinger i Danmark. Mulighederne udnyttes bl.a. inden for korrektiv kirurgisk behandling af vækstbetingede kæbeanomalier og kraniofaciale anomalier, ansigtstraumatologi samt kirurgisk behandling af benigne og maligne tumorer med efterfølgende rekonstruktion. Ingeniørkompetencer benyttes i denne sammenhæng enten in-house eller i samarbejde med kommercielle udbydere.

Det forudses, at alle større hospitaler inden for den nærmeste fremtid etablerer enheder til varetagelse af disse funktioner med tæt tværfagligt samarbejde med ingeniører. Ikke bare til virtuel planlægning inden for det kæbekirurgiske speciale, men inden for alle skærende specialer, hvor kirurgisk simulering og brug af patientspecifikke implantater er relevant. Kæbekirurgien må anses for foregangsspeciale i den sammenhæng.


Jens Jørgen Thorn

Along with Michael Boelstoft Holte

Section leader of Department of Oral- & Maxillofacial Surgery